Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CG Challenge - Secret Agent (part 2)

The first draft was well received. Yay! It's good to know I was able to create the desired mood. There were some extra requests here and there which I needed to incorporate.

It's kind of difficult to convey in words how a tune is supposed to sound. So people would tell me stuff like "it should sound darker" or it could have "more action" in it. My task is to interpret this and convert it into notes. I think it heavily depends on the person describing the music, how well or easily it can be turned into actual music.

Anyways, my brother wanted the intro to be a bit calmer and maybe more mysterious. So that was one thing to take care of. Since there is still time, I also came up with a slight variation of the first draft. The overall direction was already OK, so I played around with the chords and tried to provide an alternative idea. Just to see how it would be received. Who knows? Maybe the second idea is even better than the first one!

So here's draft number 2.

As you can hear, the intro has been changed completely and the main part has a different chord structure and a different melody. I took the theme from the first draft and moved it into the B part of the new draft.

This version was well-received too, and the intro was pretty much what they were looking for, but for the main theme, my brother and his team opted for the initial idea. So my next task was to merge the intro of the second draft with the main part of the first draft. be continued!

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