Friday, March 20, 2009

Movie Trailer Music

Here comes my latest composition. It's another full orchestra song, but this time non-Disney style for a change ;)

This time, I wanted to create music that you would hear in a movie trailer. The film genre I had in mind was contemporary action-thrillers or mafia / organized crime stuff.

Here we go:
I called it "Coming Soon" :)

One challenge this time was to finetune the drums. I always wanted to create that deep, rich and powerful drum sound that you always hear in this kind of movie trailer. You know, the sound that makes your stomach vibrate when you're sitting in a Dolby THX enabled theater (booooom).

It's kind of hard to tell what instrument they are using for that sound, so I had to experiment a bit.

I took a drumkit and tuned the samples for the floor toms down to a pitch that was almost the same as the bass drum. Combining that sound with Timpani and Gran Cassa samples lead to a pretty nice outcome. A good amount of reverb is also added.

Still not sure if that's the "correct" way of creating this drum sound, but for this song it worked alright :)